Garmin DEZL560LMT GPS Receiver User Manual

dēzl 560 Owner’s Manual 33
Searching for Trafc
1. From the map page, touch .
2. Touch Trafc Search to view a
list of roads with trafc delays.
3. Touch an item in the list to view
delays on the road.
4. If there is more than one delay,
touch the arrows to view
additional delays.
Adding a Subscription
You can purchase trafc
subscriptions for other regions or
1. From the main menu, touch Tools
> Settings > Trafc.
2. If necessary, touch
3. Touch
4. Write down the FM trafc
receiver unit ID.
5. Go toc
to purchase a subscription and get
a 25-character code.
6. Touch Next on the device.
7. Enter the code.
8. Touch Done.
The trafc subscription code cannot
be reused. You must obtain a new
code each time you renew your
service. If you own multiple FM
trafc receivers, you must obtain a
new code for each receiver.