Garmin DEZL560LMT GPS Receiver User Manual

dēzl 560 Owner’s Manual 19
Searching for a Location
7. Edit the information.
8. Touch Done.
Deleting Favorites
1. From the main menu, touch
Where To? > Favorites.
2. If necessary, select a category.
3. Select a favorite.
4. Touch > Delete > Yes.
Entering Coordinates
If you know the geographic
coordinates of your destination, you
can use your device to navigate to
the destination using the latitude and
longitude coordinates. This can be
especially helpful when geocaching.
1. From the main menu, touch
Where To? > Coordinates.
2. Touch a eld to enter the latitude
and longitude data.
3. Touch View on Map.
Changing the Map
Coordinate Format
1. From the Home Screen, touch
Where To? > Coordinates >
2. Select a format.
Changing the Search
The device automatically searches
for places near your present location.
You can also search for a location
near a different city, near a recent
destination, or near a favorite
1. From the main menu, touch
Where To? > > Near.
2. Select an option.
3. Touch Save.