Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

Quick Reference Guide
To begin using your PASSPORT,
just follow these simple steps
1 Plug the small end of the power cord
into the side jack of the detector, and
plug the large end of the power cord
into your car’s accessory socket.
2 Mount your PASSPORT on the wind
shield using the supplied windshield
3 Press the power button,
located on the top case.
Adjust the volume level by pressing the
“VOL” + or – buttons, also located on the
top case.
Please read the manual to fully understand
PASSPORT’s operation and features.
PASSPORT is ready to go, just plug it in
and turn it on. But you can also easily
change 9 features for your preferences.
Pages 14- 18
EasyMount Slot
Insert PASSPORT’s adjustable Windshield
mount into this slot. Page 7
Rear Laser Port
Receives laser signals from behind the
EasyMount Button
Press the button, and slide the Windshield
mount into one of its four locking
positions. Page 7
Earphone Jack
Accepts standard 3.5mm mono earphone.
Power Jack
Plug the SmartCord into this connector.
Page 6
TrueLock/GPS Filter
Switches TrueLock feature (stored
locations) on or off. Page 9
Sensitivity Button
Switches between Highway, Auto, and
City settings. In general, we recommend
the Auto mode. Page 9
Volume Adjustment
Increases or decreases the alert volume.