Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

Audible Alerts
For Radar signals:
PASSPORT uses a Geiger-counter-like
sound to indicate the signal strength and
type of radar signal being encountered.
When you encounter radar, a distinct
audible alert will sound and occur faster
as the signal gets stronger. When the
signal is very strong, the audible alerts will
blend into a solid tone. This allows you to
judge the distance from the signal source
without taking your eyes from the road.
Each band has a distinct tone for easy
X-band = beep tone
K-band = raspy brap tone
Ka-band = double-brap tone
Ku-band = beep tone (same as X-band)
POP = solid brap tone
For Laser and POP signals:
Since laser and POP signals are a
possible threat no matter how weak,
PASSPORT will provide a full alert for
these signals.
PASSPORT’s power jack uses a telephone-
type connector. This 4-conductor
connector only works with the coiled
SmartCord (included), or the optional
Direct-wire SmartCord.
The coiled SmartCord is a special
power cord that has a power-on indicator
(which only lights up when the 9500i is
turned on), a bright alert light that warns
of radar or laser, and a convenient mute
button right on the plug. It’s perfect for
any car where reaching the detector’s
mute button on the windshield is a stretch.
For discreet night driving, put
PASSPORT in the Dark mode, and use the
SmartCord for your visual alerts. Other
drivers won’t know you have a detector.
An optional Direct-wire SmartCord is
also available. This version includes a
small display module which can be wired
directly into your electrical system, with a
10 foot straight cord to route to your
For more information or to order, call
us toll-free at 1-800-433-3487.
Speed Alert
PASSPORT’s Speed Alert feature provides
a visual indication of your vehicle speed
during the first few seconds of an alert. This
allows you to instantly check your speed
without looking at your speedometer.
Speed Alert is displayed regardless of
your meter setting.
NOTE: When traveling 15 mph or
less, your speed will not be displayed.
If you prefer, you can turn the Speed
Alert feature off. See Preferences for