Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

Power Connection
To power PASSPORT, plug the small end of
the SmartCord, (telephone-type
connector) into the modular jack on
PASSPORT’s left side, and plug the lighter
plug adapter into your vehicle’s lighter
socket or accessory socket.
PASSPORT operates on 12 volts DC
negative ground only. The lighter plug
provided is a standard size and will work
in most vehicles. However, some vehicles
may require our optional sleeve to ensure
a snug fit. If so, simply call or visit our
NOTE: depending on your vehicle,
the lighter socket power may either be
continuously on, or it may be switched
on and off with your ignition switch.
Optional power cords
See the Accessories section for details on
our optional Direct-wire SmartCord.
Mounting Location
WARNING: ESCORT cannot antici-
pate the many ways PASSPORT can be
mounted. It is important that you
mount PASSPORT where it will not
impair your view nor present a
hazard in case of an accident.
Where to mount PASSPORT
For optimum detection performance, we
recommend the following:
• Using the supplied windshield mount,
mount your PASSPORT level and high
enough on your front windshield to
provide a clear view of the road ahead. For
optimum rear detection, center the
detector between the driver and
• Mount PASSPORT away from windshield
wipers, other solid objects, and heavily
tinted areas that might obstruct the radar
antenna or laser lens.
NOTE: In order for PASSPORT’s
GPS-powered features to work prop-
erly, the top case must have a clear
view of the sky.