Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

How SWS Works
How SWS Works
Safety Warning System, or SWS, uses a
modified K-band radar signal. The SWS
safety radar system has 64 possible
messages (60 currently allocated). The
SWS messages your PASSPORT can display
are listed on the facing page.
From the factory, your PASSPORT is
programmed with SWS decoding ON. If
SWS is used in your area, your PASSPORT
will display the safety messages associated
with the signal. If you do not wish to
detect this system, use the Preferences
feature to turn PASSPORT’s SWS decoding
NOTE: Some of the safety
messages have been condensed, so
that each message can be displayed
on one or two screens on PASSPORT’s
eight-character display.
Since Safety radar technology is
relatively new, and the number of
transmitters in operation is not yet wide-
spread, you will not receive Safety signals
on a daily basis. Do not be surprised if you
encounter emergency vehicles, road
hazards and railroad crossings that are
unequipped with these transmitters. As
Safety transmitters become more
prevalent (the number of operating trans-
mitters is growing every day), these Safety
radar signals will become more common.
For more information and details
about SWS safety radar, visit their web site