Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

Signal Strength Meter
BZiZgHI9 (Standard meter)
In this setting, the meter displays the band
of the received signal, and a bar graph
shows the relative signal strength. (factory
BZiZg:ME (ExpertMeter)
In this setting, the meter simultaneously
tracks multiple radar signals. It can display
up to 2 Ka band, 2 K band, and 4 X band
signals at the same time.
NOTE: The ExpertMeter feature
is explained in more detail on pages
NOTE: Ku band is displayed as an
X-band signal.
BZiZgHE8 (SpecDisplay meter)
In this setting, the meter displays the
actual numeric frequency of the radar
signal received.
NOTE: The SpecDisplay feature is
explained in more detail on page 11.
VBjiZDC (AutoMute on)
In this setting, PASSPORT’s audio alerts
will initially be at the volume you set, but
after a few seconds PASSPORT will auto-
matically reduce the volume level to keep
you informed, but not annoyed. (factory
VBjiZD;; (AutoMute off)
With AutoMute off, PASSPORT’s audio
alerts will remain at the volume you set for
the duration of the radar encounter.
VKdaDC (AutoVolume on)
In this setting, PASSPORT’S built-in micro-
phone listens to the ambient noise in the
vehicle and increases the audio in noisy
conditions (e.g. loud music, excessive
wind noise, etc.). (factory default)
VKdaD;; (AutoVolume off)
In this setting, the volume level will not
increase automatically.