Escort 9500I Radar Detector User Manual

To mute the audio for a specific signal,
briefly press the Mute button. After that
radar encounter has passed, the mute will
automatically reset and the audio will alert
you to the next encounter.
Your PASSPORT has our patented
AutoMute feature. After PASSPORT alerts
you to a radar encounter at the volume you
have selected, the AutoMute feature will
automatically reduce the volume to a
lower level. This keeps you informed
without the annoyance of a continuous
full-volume alert.
If you prefer, you can turn the
AutoMute feature off. See the Preferences
section for details.
TrueLock/GPS Filter
The “GPS” filter button turns PASSPORT’s
GPS-powered TrueLock feature on and off.
(default is on)
To lockout a false alert, press the mute
button three (3) times, (either on the
detector or the SmartCord) during the
Pressing the mute button the first
time will silence the audio. Pressing it a
second time will generate a prompt on the
display that will read: “Lockout?”. Press it
a third time to confirm that you want to
lock this signal out by location and
frequency. A “Stored” message will be
Once a signal has been stored, the
detector will reject this signal the next
time you approach this area. (The GPS
indicator will rotate clockwise, providing
a visual indication that the signal is being
To unlock a signal that has already
been stored, simply press and hold the
mute button while the GPS indicator is
rotating. The display will read: “Unlock?”.
Press the mute button again to unlock it
from memory.
Sensitivity Switch (SEN)
The “SEN” button selects PASSPORT’s
sensitivity mode. We recommend the Auto
(AutoSensitivity) mode for most driving.
In the “Auto” mode, the 9500i
provides real-time radar performance
based on your vehicle speed. As your
vehicle speed increases, the radar sensi-
tivity (X and K-band) is set to maximum
range. As the vehicle speed decreases, the
radar sensitivity (X and K-band only) is
minimized to further reduce unwanted
false alarms. Full sensitivity is maintained
on all other bands.
You can also select conventional
Highway and City modes. Highway mode
provides maximum sensitivity on all
bands. City mode reduces X-band sensi-
tivity and full sensitivity is maintained on
all other bands. See the Preferences for