Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

The OCS classifies an occupant using weight sensors
mounted in the base of the front passenger seat. Any
weight on the seat will be sensed by the system.
Objects hanging on the seat or other passengers push-
ing down on the seat will also be sensed. The weight of
an adult will cause the system to turn the airbag on. In
this case, the OCS has classified the occupant of the
seat as an adult. An adult occupant needs to sit in a
normal position (with their feet on or near the floor) in
order to be properly classified. Reclining the seat back
too far may change how an occupant is classified by
the OCS.
The Passenger Airbag Disable (PAD) Indicator Light
(an amber light located in the center of the instrument
panel) tells the driver and front passenger when the
front passenger airbag is turned off. The PAD Indica-
tor lamp illuminates the words ЉPASS AIR BAG OFFЉ
to show that the front passenger airbag will not inflate
during a collision requiring airbags. When the right
front passenger seat is empty or when very light
objects are placed on the seat, the passenger air bag
will not inflate even though the Passenger Airbag
Disable (PAD) indicator lamp is not illuminated.
The PAD indictor light should not be illuminated
when an adult passenger is properly seated in the
Passenger Airbag Disabled Light