Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Press and release the EVIC button until Personal Settings
is displayed in the EVIC.
Use the EVIC button to display one of the following
When in this display you may select different languages
for all display nomenclature, including the trip functions.
Pressing the EVIC button while in this display selects
English, Espanol, Deutsch, Italiano, or Francais depend-
ing on availability. As you continue the displayed infor-
mation will be shown in the selected language.
NOTE: UConnect™ language will not change using the
EVIC. Please refer to “Language Selection” in the
EQUIPPED section of this manual for details.
Lock Doors Automatically at 15 MPH (24 Km/h)
When ON is selected all doors lock automatically when
the speed of the vehicle reaches 15 mph (24 km/h). Press
and hold the EVIC button when in this display until
“ON” or “OFF” appears to make your selection.
Auto Unlock On Exit
When ON is selected all the vehicle’s doors will unlock
when the driver’s door is opened if the vehicle is stopped
(manual transmissions) or the vehicle is stopped and the
transmission is in P (Park) or N (Neutral) position
(automatic transmissions). Press and hold the EVIC but-
ton when in this display until “ON” or “OFF” appears to
make your selection.
Remote Unlock Driver’s Door 1st
When DRIVER’S DOOR 1ST is selected only the driv-
er’s door will unlock on the first press of the remote
keyless entry unlock button and require a second press to
unlock the remaining locked doors. When REMOTE