Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

5. Tachometer
The white area of the scale shows the permissible engine
revolutions-per-minute (rpm x 1000) for each gear range.
Before reaching the red area, ease up on the accelerator to
prevent engine damage.
6. Transmission Range Indicator
This display indicator shows the automatic transmission
gear selection.
7. Odometer/Trip Odometer
A vacuum fluorescent display indicates the total distance
the vehicle has been driven. Also, the cluster will display,
replacing the odometer/trip odometer, vehicle warning
messages such as: door/deck/hatch/gate ajar and loose
gas cap. Loose gas cap will be displayed from the
Odometer/Trip Odometer on all models.
NOTE: If vehicle is equipped with the optional Elec-
tronic Vehicle Information Center (EVIC) in the instru-
ment cluster, all warnings including “door”, “dECK”,
“hATCh”, and “gATE” will only be displayed in the
EVIC display. For additional information, refer to “Elec-
tronic Vehicle Information Center If Equipped” in
Section 3.
U.S. federal regulations require that upon transfer of
vehicle ownership, the seller certify to the purchaser the
correct mileage that the vehicle has been driven. There-
fore, if the odometer reading is changed during repair or
replacement, be sure to keep a record of the reading
before and after the service so that the correct mileage can
be determined.
8. Cruise Indicator If Equipped
This indicator shows that the Speed Control
System is ON. (See page 189 for more informa-
NOTE: The word “SET” will not illuminate when the
Speed Control System is on.