Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

MUTE Button (Auxiliary Mode)
Press the MUTE button to cancel the sound from the
speakers. ЉMUTEЉ will be displayed. Press the MUTE
button a second time and the sound from the speakers
will return. Rotating the volume control or turning OFF
the ignition will also return the sound from the speakers.
SCAN Button (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.
EJECT Button (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.
PSCAN Button (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.
TIME Button (Auxiliary Mode)
Press this button to change the display from elapsed
playing time to time of day. The time of day will be
displayed for 5 seconds.
RW/FF (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.
RND/SET Button (Auxiliary Mode)
No function.
Mode Button (Auxiliary Mode)
Press the mode button repeatedly to select between the
CD player or Satellite Radio (if equipped).
Operating Instructions - Hands Free Phone If
Refer to the HANDS FREE PHONE (UConnect™) section
of the Owner’s Manual.