Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
the name of the language you wish to switch to
(English, Espanol, or Francais, if so equipped).
Continue to follow the system prompts to complete
language selection.
After selecting one of the languages, all prompts and
voice commands will be in that language.
NOTE: After every UConnect™ language change op-
eration, only the language specific 32 name phonebook is
usable. The paired phone name is not language specific
and usable across all languages.
Emergency Assistance
If you are in an emergency and the mobile phone is
Pick up the phone and manually dial the emergency
number for your area.
If the phone is not reachable and the UConnect™ system
is operational, you may reach the emergency number as
Press the ’Phone’ button to begin.
After the ЉReadyЉ prompt and the following beep, say
ЉEmergencyЉ and the UConnect™ system will instruct
the paired cellular phone to call the emergency num-
ber. This feature is only supported in the USA.
NOTE: The emergency number dialed is based on the
Country where the vehicle is purchased (911 for USA and
Canada and 060 for Mexico). The number dialed may not
be applicable with the available cellular service and area.
The UConnect™ system does slightly lower your chances
of successfully making a phone call as to that for the cell
phone directly.
Your phone must be turned on and paired to the UCon-
nect™ system to allow use of this vehicle feature in