Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

restraint installation, instead of tucking the seat belt
behind the child restraint, route the seat belt through the
child restraint belt path and then buckle it. This should
stow the seat belt out of the reach of an inquisitive child.
Remind all children in the vehicle that the seat belts are
not toys and should not be played with, and never leave
your child unattended in the vehicle.
Installing the Child Restraint System
We urge that you carefully follow the directions of the
manufacturer when installing your child restraint. Many,
but not all, restraint systems will be equipped with
separate straps on each side, with each having a hook or
connector and a means for adjusting the tension in the
strap. Forward-facing toddler restraints and some
rearward-facing infant restraints will also be equipped
with a tether strap with a hook and means for adjusting
the tension in the strap.
In general, you will first loosen the adjusters on the lower
and tether straps so that you can more easily attach the
hook or connector to the lower and tether anchorages.
The tether strap should be routed over the center of the
head form and attached to the tether anchor, located
behind the rear seat head form, in the convertible top
storage area. Then tighten all three straps as you push the
child restraint rearward and downward into the seat.
NOTE: To gain access to the achorages, locate the child
tether anchorage decals on the carpet behind the rear seat
head forms and use a small screwdriver to pry the carpet
flap open. The carpet flap is attached in two different