Chrysler 2006 PT Cruiser Convertible Automobile User Manual

Avoid high pressure car washes, as they can damage
the top material. Also, increased water pressure may
force water past the weather strips.
General Cleaning
Careful vacuuming of the top before washing is helpful
in removing dust and other foreign particles. Wash in
partial shade instead of direct sun. Wet the entire vehicle
before washing the top. The top should be washed with
a soft, natural bristle scrub brush, and Mopar Car Wash
or a mild soap solution. Do not use detergent.
Never use an abrasive type cleaner or bleaches.
Cleaners should not contain silicones, organic sol-
vents, petroleum distillates or plasticizers. always
wait until the top is thoroughly dry before lowering
it into the storage area.
Scrub in all directions, covering an area of about two
square feet at a time. Avoid heavy scrubbing. Rinse the
entire vehicle with water to remove all soap and dirt from
the top fabric and to prevent streaking on painted and
chrome surfaces. Allow the top to dry before lowering.
Vacuuming the top with a wet/dry shop vacuum will
decrease the top’s drying time, ensure removal of all dirt,
and delete streaks in the material. Multiple cleanings
may be necessary to remove stubborn stains. If stains
persist, contact your local dealership for further sugges-