Husqvarna HUV4421DXP Automobile User Manual

Fueling Instructions
Page 42 2007 HUV 4421 Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Owner’s Manual
Air Filter Installation
1. Push the new air filter cartridge onto the nozzle inside the canister.
2. Place the canister cap, marked TOP, on the top center of the canister.
3. Secure the canister cap with both tab locks.
See General Warnings on page 8.
Turn key switch to the OFF position before fueling.
Never pour fuel into the fuel tank when the engine is hot or while it is running.
To avoid electric arc caused by static electricity, the fuel storage/pumping device must be
grounded. If the pump is not grounded, the vehicle must be grounded to the pump before and
during the fueling operation.
To avoid the possibility of fire, clean up any spilled fuel before operating the vehicle.
1. Remove the fuel cap and fill the tank with fuel. Gasoline vehicles have a black fuel cap; diesel vehicles
have a green fuel cap. See preceding DANGER and following NOTE.
NOTE: Gasoline vehicles: Use unleaded gasoline only. Whenever possible, avoid using oxygenated
fuels and fuels that are blended with alcohol.
Diesel vehicles: Use only diesel fuel grade no. 2 with a cetane rating of 45 or higher.
2. Replace the fuel cap. Ensure that the cap is tightened securely.
3. Clean any spilled fuel from the cap or around the fuel cap area.
Figure 34 Air Filter Cartridge