Husqvarna HUV4421DXP Automobile User Manual

Vehicle Load Capacities
Page 24 2007 HUV 4421 Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Owner’s Manual
Gross Trailer Weight
Gross trailer weight is the combination of the trailer weight and the trailer load weight.
Maximum Payload Capacity
The maximum payload capacity is the maximum amount of load that the vehicle can haul in the cargo bed
and/or tow in a trailer. The combined weight of bed load and gross trailer weight cannot exceed the vehicle’s
stated maximum payload capacity.
Vehicle Rated Capacity
The vehicle rated capacity is the maximum amount of weight the vehicle can carry, haul, and tow. This capac-
ity includes weight of occupants, bed load, and gross trailer weight.
Maximum Gross Vehicle Weight
The maximum gross vehicle weight is the combination of the vehicle weight and the maximum vehicle capac-
ity. The stated maximum gross vehicle weight must not be exceeded to maintain safe vehicle operation.
Maximum payload capacity must be reduced accordingly when any option or accessory is installed on the
vehicle. See following NOTE.
NOTE: A standard vehicle with a cab accessory that weighs 235 lb. (107 kg) must reduce its maximum
payload capacity by 235 lb. (107 kg) to 565 lb. (256 kg).
Refer to Figure 11 for the following specifications.
A: Maximum occupant capacity 400 lb. (181 kg) 400 lb. (181 kg)
B + C: Maximum payload capacity 800 lb. (363 kg) 1050 lb. (476 kg)
D: Trailer tongue weight 150 lb. force (667 N) 150 lb. force (667 N)
A + B + C: Maximum vehicle capacity 1200 lb. (544 kg) 1450 lb. (657.6 kg)
A + B + C + Vehicle Weight: Maximum gross
vehicle weight
2750 lb. (1247 kg) 3012 lb. (1366 kg)
Figure 11 Vehicle Load Capacity