Husqvarna HUV4421DXP Automobile User Manual

Engine Oil
2007 HUV 4421 Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Owner’s Manual Page 37
Engine Oil Filter Change
1. Drain the engine oil. See Engine Oil Draining on page 36.
2. Place the oil drain pan under the engine oil filter (2) (Figure 23 or Figure 24, Page 37).
3. Remove the engine oil filter. Turn it counterclockwise and drain the residual oil in the filter port and filter
into the oil drain pan. See following NOTE.
NOTE: An oil drip guard (1) can be used to prevent excess oil from dripping onto the engine base plate
(Figure 25). Use an empty quart (one liter) container and cut the bottom off at an angle, then slide
the open area of the container up and under the oil filter (2) before removal. Position the port of the
plastic container so oil will be directed into the oil pan (3). A drip guard can be made by folding a
piece of cardboard, thin metal, or plastic under the oil filter, forming a channel to direct the filter port
oil into the drain pan.
Dispose of used oil according to the environmental laws and regulations for your area.
Figure 24 Replace Engine Oil Filter – Gasoline
Figure 25 Remove Engine Oil Filter Figure 26 Coat Rubber Seal