Husqvarna HUV4421DXP Automobile User Manual

General Warnings
Page 8 2007 HUV 4421 Gasoline and Diesel Vehicle Owner’s Manual
The following safety statements must be heeded whenever the vehicle is being operated, repaired, or ser-
viced. Safety decal identification information is also included beginning on page 4. Other specific safety state-
ments appear throughout this manual and on the vehicle.
Battery – Explosive gases! Do not smoke. Keep sparks and flames away from the vehicle and
service area. Ventilate when charging or operating vehicle in an enclosed area. Wear a full
face shield and rubber gloves when working on or near batteries.
Gasoline/Diesel – Flammable! Explosive! Do not smoke. Keep sparks and flames away from
the vehicle and service area. Service only in a well-ventilated area.
Do not operate engine in an enclosed area without proper ventilation. The engine produces
carbon monoxide, which is an odorless, deadly poison.
A Husqvarna vehicle will not provide protection from lightning, flying objects, or other storm-
related hazards. If caught in a storm while driving a Husqvarna vehicle, exit the vehicle and
seek shelter in accordance with applicable safety guidelines for your location.
Follow the procedures exactly as stated in this manual, and heed all DANGER, WARNING, and
CAUTION statements in this manual as well as those on the vehicle.
Do not leave children unattended on vehicle.
Children requiring a child safety seat must not ride on the vehicle. Comply with state and local
laws pertaining to child safety.
The driver and passenger must be restrained at all times with the safety belts provided to help
prevent injury in the event of sudden braking, collision, or roll-over.
No more than one person per bucket seat at one time. No more than two persons per bench
seat at one time. Do not allow people to ride in any part of the vehicle that is not equipped with
a seat and a safety belt. Do not allow a passenger to hold a child in his or her lap while the
vehicle is moving.
• Prior to leaving the vehicle unattended or servicing the vehicle, place attachment on the
ground, set the park brake, place the Forward/Reverse handle in the NEUTRAL position, turn
the key switch to the OFF position, and remove the key. Chock the wheels when servicing the
Improper use of the vehicle or failure to properly maintain it could result in decreased vehicle
performance, severe personal injury, or death.
Any modification or change to the vehicle that affects the stability or handling of the vehicle,
or increases maximum vehicle speed beyond factory specifications, could result in severe
personal injury or death.
Check the vehicle for proper location of all vehicle safety and operation decals and make sure
they are in place and are easy to read.
For vehicles with cargo beds, remove all cargo before raising the bed or servicing the vehicle.
If the vehicle is equipped with a prop rod, ensure that it is securely engaged while bed is
raised. Do not close bed until all persons are clear of cargo bed area. Keep hands clear of all
crush areas. Do not drop cargo bed; lower gently and keep entire body clear. Failure to heed
this warning could result in severe personal injury or death.