Clifford 6000 Automobile Alarm User Manual

Standard Features of the IntelliGuard 6000
Programmable (+) or (-) require relays.
System Components
The IntelliGuard 6000 installation kit contains the following components:
One Prewired 22-pin connector harness One Extended Range Receiver
One Prewired 4-pin connector harness One PlainView 2 Coded Valet Switch
One IntelliGuard 6000 Control Unit One Insignia Siren
One Hardware Kit One Prewired LED
One Glass Tampering Sensor One User’s Manual
One Dual-Zone Piezo Sensor Two Clifford Window Decals
Two Remote Transmitters
In tel liGuard 6000/898 1
n Lifetime Warranty
n His & Hers Remote Controls
n ACG™ 2 (Anti-CodeGrabbing™)
n Extended Range Receiver
n Audible Low Transmitter Battery Warning
n Built-In Starter or Ignition Immobilizer
n Optional Wireless Immobilizer
nFACT — False Alarm Control and Test
n Remote Siren Silencing
n Dual-Zone Piezo Sensor
n Glass Tampering Sensor
n Dual-Mode “Chirp” Silencing
n Patented UltraSecure Coded Valet Mode
n Optional DataPort™ Interface to Your Own PC
nPoint-and-Click Feature Programming
n Complete System Diagnostics At-A-Glance
n High-Output Insignia Siren
n Remote Door Locking/Unlocking*
n Remote Panic with Smart Locking/Unlocking*
n Built-In Dual Parking light Flasher with Onboard Relay
n Remote Controlled Courtesy Lighting Output
n Remote Keyless Entry and Accessory Activation Even in
Valet Mode
n Patented Smart AutoTesting™
n Smart Remote Trunk Release
n User-Selectable AutoArming
n AutoArm & Lock with Visual Indication
n Instant AutoArm Bypass
n Patented Malfunction AutoBypass™ with
n Patented SmartPowerUp™ 2
n Multiple Vehicle Control with Same Remote
nEight-Event TotalRecall
n Patented Smart Prior Intrusion Attempt Alert
n Patented Remote Control Code Learning and
MultiRemote Recognition
nClear All Remotes
n High-Luminescence LED Status Indicator with Automatic
Battery-Saving Mode
n Full-Time SecureAccess™ Programming
n Advanced CMOS Microcomputer
n Pre-Loomed Wiring
n Accessory Channel with Selectable Output Type
n Integrated Electronic Timer for Remote Headlight
Activation and Timed Turbo Cooldown
n Installer-Selectable Door Ajar/Delayed Courtesy Lights
n Prewired LED, Sensor and PlainView 2 Switch
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