Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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system passively arms (after the 30-second countdown). This
feature only works if passive arming has been programmed.
Panic mode
/disabled when the ignition is turned
on. (Some states have laws against sirens sounding in moving
Forced passive arming
or off. If your security system is
programmed for passive arming and the forced passive
arming feature has been programmed on, the system will
passively arm after one hour, even if a protected entry has
been left open. Forced passive arming ensures that the
system will be armed if a door has accidentally been left ajar
when leaving the vehicle.
Full trigger response
or 60 seconds: This determines how
long the full triggered sequence lasts. Some states have laws
regulating how long a security system can sound before it is
considered a nuisance. If your installer is programming the
security system with the Directed Bitwriter
, the full trig-
gered response can be programmed for any duration ranging
from 1 to 180 seconds.
Automatic Engine Disable (AED) on or
. The purpose of
this feature is to protect the vehicle from being stolen at all
times, regardless of whether or not the alarm is armed. If
note: When the system passively arms after one hour, the
entry point that has been left open, and anything con-
nected to the same zone, is bypassed and cannot trigger
the system. However, the remaining inputs to the system
are fully operational.