Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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out of sync with the control unit and fail to operate the system.
To re-sync the remote simply press several times within
range of the vehicle. The alarm will automatically re-sync and
respond to the transmitters normally.
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Your system transmits and receives at 434 MHz. This provides a
cleaner spectrum with less interference and a more stable signal.
Enjoy a phenomenal increase in range, even in areas with high
radio interference.
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Owner Recognition is a revolutionary new feature available only
from Directed. Using a Directed Bitwriter
, hand-held program-
ming tool, your dealer can program many of the system settings.
The programmer makes it possible to program different settings
for each transmitter that is used with the system. Then, whenev-
er a specific transmitter is used, the system will recall the settings
assigned to that transmitter. Owner Recognition lets up to four
users of the system have different settings that meet their specific
needs. It is almost like having four separate alarms in your
vehicle, one for each user.