Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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and and Buttons
When simultaneously pressed these buttons control the rear
window defogger during remote starting.
and Buttons
An optional auxiliary convenience or expansion function that
you have added to your system can be activated by pressing these
buttons simultaneously.
The auxiliary output controls __________________________.
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warning! safety first
The following safety warnings must be observed at all times:
Due to the complexity of this system, installation of this
product must only be performed by an authorized Directed
When properly installed, this system can start the vehicle via
a command signal from the remote control transmitter.
Therefore, never operate the system in an enclosed area or
partially enclosed area without ventilation (such as a garage).
When parking in an enclosed or partially enclosed area or
when having the vehicle serviced, the remote start system
must be disabled using the installed toggle switch. It is the
user's sole responsibility to properly handle and keep out of