Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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starter anti-grind circuitry
Whenever the vehicle is remote started, advanced anti-grind
circuitry prevents the starter from engaging, even if the key is
turned to the start position. This prevents damage to the starter
motor if the key is turned to the start position during remote start
disabling the remote start system
This feature allows your system's remote start unit to be
temporarily disabled to prevent the vehicle from being remote
started accidentally. This feature is useful if the vehicle is being
serviced or stored in an enclosed area. To disable the remote start,
move the shutdown toggle switch to the OFF position. The
switch can be installed in a location of your choice. Check with
your installer for recommended locations.
Location of Shutdown Switch____________________________
over and under rev protection
The system monitors the engine speed and will automatically
shut the engine off if the RPMs rise above or fall below the
programmed levels. This feature prevents damage to the motor
due to fuel delivery system failures or other problems which may
cause the engine to race.
note: The system uses a wire connected to the vehicle to
sense engine speed. This wire must be connected in order
for over and under rev protection to work.