Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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This Directed system will store its current state to non-volatile
memory. If power is lost and then reconnected the system will
recall the stored state from memory. This means if the unit is in
Valet Mode and the battery is disconnected for any reason, such
as servicing the car, when the battery is reconnected the unit will
still be in Valet Mode. This applies to all states of the system
including arm, disarm, and Valet Mode.
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Your system will automatically enter Power Saver Mode while
armed or in Valet Mode, after a period of time in which no oper-
ation has been performed. This lowers the current draw on the
vehicle's battery. Power Saver Mode takes over under the
following conditions:
Power Saver when the system is armed: After the system has
been armed for 24 hours the LED will flash at half its
normal rate, decreasing the system's current draw.
Power Saver in Valet Mode: When the system enters Valet
note: Owner Recognition cannot be programmed with-
out a Bitwriter
and the necessary software. Check with
your dealer for more information.