Avital Model 4300 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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The vehicle doors are protected by NPC differently. If your secu-
rity system is triggered by an open door for three full cycles, the
system will bypass the doors until the trigger ceases.
The microprocessor at the heart of your system is constantly
monitoring all of the switches and sensors connected to it. It is
designed to detect any faulty switches and sensors and prevents
them from disabling the entire system. The microprocessor will
also record and report any triggers that occurred during your
absence. Refer to the
System Status Chirps
Table of Zones
sections of this guide for diagnostic information.
arming diagnostics
If the security system is armed at the same time that an input is
active (such as a door opening or sensor triggering), you will hear
one siren chirp to indicate arming and a second siren chirp to
indicate Bypass Notification. A Bypass Notification chirp means
that the security system ignores the input that was active when
note: Arming and disarming the system does not reset
this function! The only ways to reset a bypassed zone are
for it to not trigger for 60 minutes, or to turn on the igni-
tion. If testing your system, it is important to remember
that the NPC programming can cause zones to be
bypassed and appear to stop working. If five chirps are
heard when disarming, NPC has been engaged. If you
wish to clear the NPC memory, turn the ignition on.