Viper 160XVL Automobile Alarm User Manual

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This feature allows you to remotely start and run your vehicle for
a programmable period of time. This makes it possible to warm up
the engine, as well as adjust the interior temperature of the vehi-
cle with the climate control system. If interior heating or cooling
is desired, the climate controls must be preset, and the fan blower
must be set to the desired level prior to remote starting the
IMPORTANT! (1) Never remotely start the vehicle with the vehicle
in gear, and (2) Never remotely start the vehicle with the key in the
To remote start the vehicle:
1. Press the button twice within 3 seconds on the trans-
2. The parking lights will flash to confirm that the vehicle will
attempt to start.
3. Release the button as soon as the parking lights flash.
(In gasoline vehicles, the engine will start 4 seconds after
the parking lights flash. In diesel vehicles, the engine will
start when the WAIT-TO-START indicator on the vehicle's dash
goes out or the timer has expired.)
4. Once the vehicle has started, it will run for the pre-program-
med period of time (12, 24, or 60 minutes) or until a shut-
down input is triggered.
Remote Start