Viper 160XVL Automobile Alarm User Manual

2006 Directed Electronics—all rights reserved
Comfort closure is a programming option which closes the
vehicle’s windows after remote locking.
Parking lights flashing or constant. Your system can be pro-
grammed to either flash or to turn on the parking lights con-
stantly during the entire remote start operation.
Passive Mode or Active Mode. In Passive Mode the Failsafe
Starter Kill will automatically activate 30 seconds after the
ignition has been turned off.
Ignition switch-controlled door-locking on or off. With this
feature on, the doors will lock 3 seconds after the ignition
key is turned on, and unlock when the ignition key is turned off.
Passive Locking or Active Locking (doors lock only with the
transmitter). With Passive Locking, the vehicle doors lock
automatically 30 seconds after the ignition has been turned
off. Passive Locking can only be selected when the system
has been programmed for Passive Mode.
The horn honk confirmations for locking and unlocking can be
programmed on or off. In order for this feature to be pro-
grammed on, the horn must be connected to the system.