Viper 160XVL Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Short-run turbo mode keeps the engine running after arriving at
you destination for a programmable period of 1, 3 ,5 or 10 min-
utes. This allows the system’s timer to conveniently cool down the
turbo after you have left the vehicle.
To activate:
1. Park the vehicle and set parking brake.
2. Remove your foot from the brake pedal and leave the engine
3. Press and release the and buttons at the same time.
4. The lights will flash to indicate the remote start has entered
short run turbo mode.
5. Turn off the key, the engine will keep running.
6. Exit and secure the vehicle.
7. The engine will turn off after the programmed run time.
By pressing the remote and buttons the parking
lights will flash 4 times and then start the vehicle and run for the
set duration. The remote start can be shut off by the transmitter
by pressing the remote start button and remain in timer
mode, but if any other shut down zones or the ignition becomes
active the timer mode will cancel.
1. Press Timer mode buttons.
Timer Mode