Viper 160XVL Automobile Alarm User Manual

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To enter or exit Valet Mode:
1. Turn the ignition on.
2. Turn the ignition off.
3. Press and release the Valet
button within 10 seconds.
The status LED will light steadily if you are entering Valet Mode
and will turn off if you are exiting Valet Mode.
If you are threatened in or near your vehicle, you can attract
attention by triggering the system with your transmitter. Just
press for 1.5 seconds to enter Panic Mode. In Panic Mode, the
horn will honk and the parking lights will flash for 30 seconds. To
stop Panic Mode at any time, press , or on the
NOTE: In order for Panic Mode to be effective, the vehicle’s horn (or
optional siren) as well as the vehicle's parking lights must be
Panic Mode