Avital G5103 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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and Buttons
While the system is armed, press simulataneously to enter
temperature auto statt mode. The vehicle is automatically
restarted if the interior temperature drops below 0 degrees
Using your system
Warning! Safety first
The following safety warnings must be observed at all times:
Due to the complexity of this system, installation of this
product must only be performed by an authorized Directed
When properly installed, this system can start the vehicle via
a command signal from the remote control transmitter.
Therefore, never operate the system in an enclosed area or
partially enclosed area without ventilation (such as a garage).
When parking in an enclosed or partially enclosed area or
when having the vehicle serviced, the remote start system
Note: Disarming the system while in temperature
autostart mode casuses the system to exit this mode.
Note: If the ignition is on, the temperature check
clockmode will not work.
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