Avital G5103 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Press a fifth time within five seconds: The siren chirps
five times followed by a long chirp. All input zones, except
the ignition, are now bypassed.
Arming while driving
Your security system can be armed while driving the vehicle!
Simply press on the transmitter for two seconds while the
vehicle is running. The siren will chirp once to indicate that the
security system is armed, and then once more to indicate that the
ignition is on. The system will not respond to any input except
the door triggers, and the starter kill relay (if installed) will not be
activated. Once you have arrived at your destination, the system
will disarm when the ignition is turned off. The siren will chirp
twice and the LED will then stop flashing. The system can also
be disarmed at any time by pressing
Note: Multi-Level Security Arming only applies to a sin-
gle arming cycle. Once the system is disarmed and then
re-armed, all the zones will be active again.
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