Viper 3303 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Keys to using this Manual
Specific actions (in bold type) and style conventions are used consis-
tently throughout this manual, they are as follows:
Press: s implies pushing in and releasing a button.
Hold: s is used after “press” actions when a button needs to be
held in position for an extended period of time, typically several
s this style denotes the text which appears in the text field
portion of the display during operations described in the manual.
If the text string is too long for the text field, it then plays and loops
sequentially word by word.
Italicizeds words denote section/sub headings in this guide and
can be located through the table of contents.
An asterisk (*) when used after a word or phrase denotes that s
additional details can be found in related sections usually noted
at the bottom of the page or end of the section.