Viper 3303 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Full Silent Arm Protection
Sensor warn-away, sensor full trigger and point of entry activations
will only send messages to the remote, with parking light flash and
siren outputs defeated.
Sensor Warn-away Messages
When the remote receives a sensor warn-away message it emits 10
beeps (if on) and displays a sensor zone specific
for 30 seconds. Warn-away messages cannot be reviewed or dis-
played in reports.
Full Trigger Messages
A full trigger message generates a full trigger output of siren tones and
zone specific
text followed by an alert that consists of 1
long beep per minute for 10 minutes.
To stop the output and alert, press a command button to perform a
command, or Press the
Emergency Override
The following procedure disarms the system when a programmed re-
mote is not available. Number of presses__________
Turn1. the ignition on.
Press2. the control center button the correct number of times
(the default is 1 press).
After a few seconds the siren output ceases and the system 3.
is disarmed.
As a precaution, if programmed for passive arming or auto
re-arming the system should be placed into valet mode until
a remote is available .