Viper 3303 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Vehicle Recovery System (VRS)
In case your vehicle is stolen or carjacked, VRS sounds the siren and
flashes the parking lights to persuade the thief to abandon the vehicle,
and when the ignition is turned off, activates the starter kill to prevent
the engine from restarting.
To arm VRS, perform the silent arm command while driving, or while
the ignition is turned on. The siren chirps and parking lights flash once
to confirm arming. The
text and beeps play, and the system
status icons update to confirm arming.
If valet mode is on, the
text and tone plays, exit valet
mode before arming VRS.
Once armed, VRS triggers if any door is opened then closed while
the ignition remains on, and if the vehicle is parked while armed, VRS
triggers when driving resumes. See trigger description below.
When triggered, the control center LED begins flashing after fifteen
seconds. Within 45 seconds perform the silent disarm command to
disarm VRS. If not disarmed, the siren begins chirping for 60 seconds
and then becomes a constant siren blast with flashing parking lights
for several minutes. This output will continue and be repeated each
time the ignition is turned on until VRS is disarmed.
To disarm, perform the silent disarm command anytime before VRS
has been triggered, or within one minute after it has triggered and be-
fore the siren begins to chirp. If not disarmed before the siren begins
to chirp, the emergency override procedure must be used to disarm