Viper 3303 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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may occur.
Low Battery Alerts
When disarming the system using a remote with a low battery the
siren will emit one additional chirp as an alert. If confirmation chirps
are programmed off, the system will still emit one chirp as an alert
when disarming. After performing a command,
and several
beeps play on the Responder LC remote to indicate the battery needs
to be charged.
To preserve power at critically low battery levels the
Responder LC turns the pager off and stops receiving
messages from the system. It will continue to command
the system until the battery can be charged.
Battery Life
The Responder LC remote control has many features that make it one
of the most unique remote controls on the market today. The default
feature settings provide for excellent battery charge duration. How-
ever, to maximize this duration between charges, the following sug-
gestions will help:
Turn the remote off: When not in use and/or out of range of the s
vehicle the remote can be turned off in the main menu.
Turn Paging off: The remote will not wake up to check for mes-s
sages with paging off in the setup remote menu.
Note: The remote will not receive trigger messages from the sys-
Turn Beeps off: The button beeps can be turned off in the setup s
remote menu. The command beeps still play normally.