Viper 3303 Automobile Alarm User Manual

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Out of Range
Each time a command is performed the remote will expect a com-
mand confirmation from the system. If a command confirmation is not
received the out-of-range icon (
and a fault tone will play as an
No Remote Output
Occasionally when a command is performed the remote may not
generate a command confirmation output or out of range output. This
indicates that the system received the command but it was an incom-
plete command (e.g. aux button pressed too short to activate the trunk
release) or it was an illegal message (e.g. the command was cor-
rupted due to local RF interference). These are temporary normal func-
tions of the system and remote, perform the command again within 10
seconds to return to normal operation.
Car Select
Car 2 must first be turned on (See Responder LC Configuration and
Main Menu sections to turn on).
Two Way Remote
Press1. and hold the
button for 3 seconds or until the remote
beeps. The
or icon flashes and the text
is displayed.
Change car: While in this mode press the 2.
button to switch
between cars and the
or icon changes accordingly
indicating which car the remote currently operates.
Select the car you want to operate and then press any com-3.
mand to operate the system. The selected car remains selected
until the setting is changed.