Mazda C930 V7 620 Remote Starter User Manual

Parts numberC930 V7 620
Thank you for purchasing a genuine Mazda accessory.
Before use, be sure to thoroughly read these instructions.
Please read the contents of this booklet in order to properly use the Remote Engine Start.
Your safety depends on it.
After using this instruction manual, store it in a place where it can be easily located.
Note, consult your authorized Mazda dealer, or a dealer appointed store, for proper
vehicle installation of the Remote Engine Start.
If the vehicle equipped with this product, or the product itself, is sold, transferred or
loaned to another party, be sure to give this instruction manual to the new owner, so he
or she can use this product safely and correctly.
<Safe and correct use of the product>
Various warnings and cautions are displayed in this manual to assist you in the safe and
correct use of the product and as precautions against you or others being injured, or the
product being damaged.
Depending on the degree of possible injury or damage that may be incurred,
precautionary items have been divided into ‘Warnings’ and ‘Cautions’ and illustrated with
symbols to depict the nature of the precautionary content.
A WARNING indicates a situation in which serious
injury or death could result if the warning is ignored.
A CAUTION indicates a situation in which bodily injury
or damage to objects, or both, could result if the
caution is ignored.
Always follow the ADVICE noted to ensure vehicle
safety and performance. Vehicle damage could result,
or proper performance may be compromised if the
advice is ignored.
A NOTE indicates information or a point related to
vehicle usage. Vehicle damage could result, or proper
performance may be compromised if the note is