Husqvarna 4210-EXP Automobile User Manual

Engine Oil – Gasoline Vehicles
Page 42 2005 Husqvarna 4210-G, 4210-E, 4210-GXP, and 4210-EXP Owner’s Manual
3. Disconnect the battery cables, negative (–) cable first . See WARNING “To avoid unintentionally start-
ing...” on page10.
4. Position a pan designed for oil changes under the front drain plug (Figure 28).
5. Use a 14 mm socket or box end (do not use an open end) wrench to remove the drain plug, turning it
counterclockwise, and allow the engine oil to drain into the pan. See following WARNING.
Do not attempt to change engine oil when the engine is hot or even warm. Engine oil can
cause skin burns.
• Weat safety glasses or approved eye protection when servicing the vehicle. Wear rubber
gloves when handling oil drain plug, oil filter, and oil drain pan.
6. Clean the oil drain plug threads with solvent to remove oil and oil residue. Make sure that the compres-
sion washer remains on the drain plug.
7. Use a 14 mm socket or box end (do not use an open end) wrench and replace the front oil drain plug,
turning it clockwise, and tighten to 18 ft-lb (24.4 N·m).
8. Relocate the oil drain pan to a position under the engine oil filter (Figure 28, Page 42).
9. Remove the engine oil filter, turning it counterclockwise, allowing the residual oil in the filter port and filter
to drain into the oil drain pan (Figure 29, Page 43). See following NOTE.
NOTE: An oil drip guard can be used to prevent excess oil from dripping into the engine base place. Use
an empty quart (one litter) container and but the bottom off at an angle, then slide the open area of
the container up and under the oil filter prior to removing. Position the port of the plastic container
so oil will be directed into the oil pan (Figure 28). Or, make a drip guard by folding a piece of card-
board, thin metal, or plastic under the oil filter forming a channel to direct the filter port oil into the
drain pan.
Dispose of used oil according to the environmental laws and regulations for your area.
Figure 28 Engine Oil Drain Plug and Pan