Husqvarna 4210-EXP Automobile User Manual

Bed Latch
Page 24 2005 Husqvarna 4210-G, 4210-E, 4210-GXP, and 4210-EXP Owner’s Manual
See General Warnings on page 9.
The bed latch (1) is located under the front corners of the bed (Figure 15, Page 24) and engages automati-
cally when the bed is closed. To lift the bed, pull the bed latch toward the side of the vehicle and lift the bed.
To close the bed gently lower the bed to a closed position. DO NOT drop the bed. See following WARNING.
Keep hands and fingers clear of crush area between the bed and the seat back support.
For use on public roads, the trailer must meet all federal, state, and local requirements such
as taillights, brake lights, etc.
Do not tow a Husqvarna vehicle behind a passenger vehicle or truck on a public road unless it
is on an approved trailer.
• The vehicle to be towed should be tied securely to the trailer, with the Forward/Reverse
handle or switch in the NEUTRAL position, the key switch in the OFF position, and the park
brake firmly pressed and locked.
Do not allow people in the trailer or vehicle being towed.
Avoid sudden starts, sudden stops, and tight turns when towing.
Avoid stopping on a hill when towing. If you must stop on a hill, avoid sudden starts or rolling
backwards and stopping suddenly. Failure to heed this warning could cause the vehicle to
overturn, possibly resulting in severe personal injury.
When towing on a trailer, normal road speed of the tow vehicle should be reduced.
Because of the added length of the trailer, caution should be used when turning a corner.
Remove the vehicle windshield and secure the seat bottom before transporting on a trailer.
Gasoline vehicles only: Turn the fuel shut-off valve to the closed (OFF) position (Figure 16,
Page 27).
Figure 15 Bed Latch