Garmin 010-01002-29 GPS Receiver User Manual

nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual 59
Navigation Settings
Select Settings > Navigation.
Calculation Mode—sets route preference.
Avoidances—sets road features to avoid on
a route.
Custom Avoidances—allows you to avoid
specic roads or areas.
Advanced Detours—sets the length of a
Limit Walking—controls the maximum
walking distance included in a pedestrian
Public Transit—enables or disables transit
Safe Mode—disables all functions that
require signicant operator attention and
could become a distraction while driving.
GPS Simulator—stops the device from
receiving a GPS signal, and saves battery
Route Preferences
Select Settings > Navigation > Calculation
The route calculation is based on road speeds
and vehicle acceleration data for a given route.
Faster Time—calculates routes that are
faster to drive but can be longer in distance.
Shorter Distance—calculates routes that
are shorter in distance but can take more
time to drive.
Less Fuel—calculates routes that could use
less fuel than other routes.
Off Road—calculates a direct line from your
location to your destination.