Garmin 010-01002-29 GPS Receiver User Manual

nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual 63
Keyboard Layout—sets the keyboard
Proximity Alerts Settings
Select Settings > Proximity Alerts.
Audio—sets the tone of an alert.
Alerts—alerts you when you approach
custom safety cameras.
Device Settings
Select Settings > Device.
About—displays the software version
number, the unit ID number, and information
about other software features.
EULAs—displays the end-user license
agreements that apply to your choice.
NOTE: You need this information when you
update the system software or purchase
additional map data (page 68).
Position Reporting—allows the device to
collect your speed, direction, and location
information and share it with strategic
partners and service providers.
Keep Travel History—allows the device to
record information for the, Where I’ve Been
(page 46), and Trip Log (page 26) features.
Clear Travel History
Restoring Settings
You can restore a category of settings or all
settings to the factory default values.
Select Settings.
If necessary, select a settings category.
Select > Restore.