Garmin 010-01002-29 GPS Receiver User Manual

60 nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual
Display Settings
Select Settings > Display.
Orientation—changes to landscape or
portrait mode.
Color Mode—sets a light background (Day),
a dark background (Night), or automatically
switches between the two based on the
sunrise time and the sunset time for your
current location (Auto).
Brightness—changes the brightness of the
screen. Decreasing the brightness can save
battery power.
Display Timeout—sets the amount of idle
time before your device enters sleep mode.
Screenshot—allows you to take a picture of
the device screen. Screenshots are saved in
the screenshot folder of the device storage.
Capturing Screenshots
Select Settings > Display > Screenshot >
Select to take a screenshot.
The picture bitmap le is saved in the
screenshots folder on the device drive (page
Bluetooth Settings
Select Settings > Bluetooth.
Bluetooth—enables the Bluetooth
Add Phone or Phone—manages
connections between your device and mobile
phones with Bluetooth wireless technology.
Friendly Name—allows you to enter a
friendly name that identies your nüvi on
devices with Bluetooth technology.