Garmin 010-01002-29 GPS Receiver User Manual

18 nüvi 2405/2505 Series Owner’s Manual
Select Share.
Deleting a Saved Location
NOTE: Deleted locations cannot be recovered.
Select Where To? > Saved.
Select > Delete Saved Places.
Select the box next to the saved locations to
delete, and select Delete.
Voice Command
About Voice Commands
NOTE: Voice Command is not available on all
models, or for all languages and regions.
Voice Command allows you to use your device
by saying words and commands. The Voice
Command menu provides voice prompts and a
list of available commands.
Setting your Wakeup Phrase
The wakeup phrase is a word or phrase you can
say to activate Voice Command. The default
wakeup phrase is Voice Command.
TIP: You can reduce the chance of accidental
Voice Command activation by using a strong
wakeup phrase.
Select Apps > Voice Command >
Customize Phrase.
Enter a new wakeup phrase.
The device indicates the strength of the
wakeup phrase as you enter the phrase.
Select Done.
Activating Voice Command
Say your wakeup phrase.
The Voice Command menu appears.