AstroStart 3106U Remote Starter User Manual

Before using this product, carefully read the following safety precautions.
Never perform a remote start
when a person or animal is inside the vehicle.
Do not allow
any person or animal to remain inside the vehicle when the engine is running under remote starter
control (continuous mode).
Immediately report any malfunction to the AstroStart dealer that performed the installation.
Under no circumstance can this product or its use be modified.
Always turn off the main switch when vehicle is parked in an enclosed, unventilated area or is in for servicing.
Always turn off the main switch when not using your remote starter for extended periods.
Keep remote controls away from children
Have your engine tuned regularly to ensure optimum performance of your remote starter.
Make sure that the windshield wipers and the headlights are turned off before leaving vehicle.
Regularly check safety features that stop engine (see "Safety Checks" on page 17.)
Make sure you comply with all local regulations, which may prohibit leaving your engine running when vehicle is
unattended in a public place.
To ensure continued safe operation of your remote starter, ask your AstroStart dealer to periodically check
and/or tune the remote starting system.
Always advise service personnel that your vehicle is equipped with a remote starter.
We strongly recommend
that you have your remote starter checked annually. Contact a dealer in your area.
All users of the vehicle should be aware
of the safety precautions and operation procedures.
Make sure that the warning sticker is present on the driver's window.
Make sure that the parking brake is operational, i.e. it can prevent the vehicle from moving
If the shift lever is accessible without having to open a door of the vehicle (for example, by entering via the
liftgate or rear hatch) or in the case of a convertible vehicle, it is strongly recommended to have a motion
detector (microwave) installed with the system. This device prevents the engine from starting should any activity
be detected near the gearshift.