AstroStart 3106U Remote Starter User Manual

Siren has six different sounds, i.e., it chirps repeatedly and has six different melodies.
It chirps intermittently (short repeated chirps) during a pre-alarm and continuously during an alarm condition.
It can confirm arm and disarm commands with short chirps; see table in CONFIRMATION section.
This function is programmable as active or inactive during installation.
Horn beeps intermittently (short repeated beeps) during an alarm condition.
This function is optional and may require the installation of additional material.
Ask your installer for more details.
Parking lights flash intermittently (repeated flashes) during a pre-alarm and alarm condition.
Parking lights also confirm that commands have been received.
See table in CONFIRMATION section.
Violation means a situation that causes a protection zone to generate an alarm condition; example: a door was opened, etc.
The system may turn the vehicle dome light on for 30 seconds upon unlocking command (optional connection - not
applicable in "semi-passive rearming" mode).
On some vehicles, dome light may remain on after all doors have been closed.
If this option applies to your vehicle, rearming cycle is prolonged by the number of seconds during which dome light is kept
on by vehicle's factory system.
Special condition
If during dome light duration, a "Lock" command is sent while a door is opened, system arms and ignores door
violation; if door is still open 45 seconds after dome light duration ends, system recognizes door violation and
changes to alarm condition.
If your vehicle is equipped with electric door locks, several functions can be operated by remote control.
These features are optional and may require purchasing additional equipment. Consult your dealer for advice.
Arming and disarming the security system also controls Lock/Unlock functions. The arming/disarming functions only apply to
model 3106U.
The following systems can be controlled:
Door locks
Trunk or hatchback release
Interior lights
Press the button, doors are locked and alarm system is armed, parking lights flash once and siren chirps once to
confirm command has been received and that none of the protected zones are in violation.
Parking light confirmation is sent as many times as command is repeated so you are sure that system has received the
command. Audible confirmation is also repeated (siren or horn depending on programming) if option "Confirmation on 2nd
lock" is activated (during installation).
If a zone is in violation during arming, confirmation is different (3 flashes or chirps) to warn you. See table of alarm codes to
know which zone is in violation.