AstroStart 3106U Remote Starter User Manual

When a remote start attempt fails, it is possible to determine what caused the failure to start.
Press the
and buttons simultaneously.
The number of times the parking lights flash corresponds to the start fail code.
The table below lists the various start fail codes.
Code Failure to start details
1 Module has received a Stop command (remote or timer).
2 Brakes were applied during or after start sequence or module overload occurred.
3 Stopped by alarm.
4 Engine does not crank when starting sequence is initiated.
5 Start command ignored because hood is open.
6 Safety sequence not valid during start sequence.
7 Start command ignored because key is in the run position.
8 Remote starter main switch is "OFF" or output overload.
9 Runtime has elapsed.
10 Remote starter attempted to start engine three times unsuccessfully.
11 Remote starter sensed engine was already running.
12 Engine is over-revving (RPM > 3000) (programmable at time of installation).
13 Engine not cranking fast enough during start sequence.
14 Security sequence has been invalidated by status of parking brake.
15 Security sequence has been invalidated by opening of one or more doors.
16 Internal failure of module.
19 Module does not detect manual interface.
20 Consult your dealer.
If any of these start fail codes persist, consult your dealer.
Use this command to identify which zone is in violation during arming or which generated alarm condition.
and buttons simultaneously: parking lights will flash number of times corresponding to code for protection
zone in violation.
If more than one zone is in violation, code for the zone with highest priority is shown (1 = highest priority).
See table of codes below.
Code Protection Zone Priority
System is armed. 8
A door is/was open. 1
Hood is/was open. 3
Alarm condition is/was detected on shock sensor input. 5
Key is/was in the RUN position. 2
Alarm condition is/was detected on additional sensor input.
Additional sensor monitors status of _________________________________________________
Loss of power (+12V battery supply was removed). 7
More than 3 warnings were given within 3 minutes by pre-shock input. 6