AstroStart 3106U Remote Starter User Manual

The following table shows the effect that each zone has on the rearming cycle (after 25 or 60 seconds depending on
Protection zone Effect on rearming cycle
Additional sensor (trunk)
Shock sensor
These four zones prolong rearming cycle as long as they remain in violation.
Activated by ignition key: Cancels rearming
Activated by remote starter: No effect
Warning No effect
Applying brakes or ignition key in RUN position cancels rearming (until a door is opened, which causes rearming cycle to
restart from the beginning).
See also "TEMPORARY VALET MODE" (page 12) and "DOME LIGHT DURATION" (page 13).
You can disarm only with remote control by pressing
button (see Table of Commands on page 5).
System is disarmed immediately and restarts rearming cycle from the beginning.
You can terminate alarm condition by pressing button, which also disarms system. Pressing the or the
button, will terminate alarm condition without disarming system.
When the alarm is armed, one chirp of the siren and/or flash of the parking lights means that all protection zones are in
normal condition and system is ready.
Three chirps or flashes means that one or more zones are in violation (i.e. at least one door is opened).
Once the zone is corrected (i.e. door closed), the system sends another confirmation (one chirp or flash if all zones are in
normal condition, three chirps or flashes if another zone is in violation).
If a zone is in violation when system is armed manually (using remote) and the cause of the violation is not corrected, the
alarm will still arm but this zone will not be able to generate an alarm condition. See also "DOME LIGHT DURATION" on
page 13.
When you disarm the alarm, two chirps or flashes indicate that no one tried to break into your vehicle, and four chirps or
flashes indicate that an alarm condition occurred during your absence.
The following table summarizes this section.
1 chirp or flash System armed, no zone in violation.
2 chirps or flashes System disarmed, no violation detected.
3 chirps or flashes System armed with zone in violation. Indicator light indicates which zone.
4 chirps or flashes System disarmed with violation detected. Indicator light indicates cause of alarm condition.
Indicator light flashes a specific number of times to indicate different alarm conditions when arming and disarming the
It can also act as a deterrent if installed in a place visible from outside the vehicle.
DURING ARMING Indicator flashes codes for zones in violation (i.e. at least one door is opened).
Only one code is shown at a time. If more than one zone is in violation during arming, code changes when zone shown is
corrected (example: door closed).
DURING DISARMING Indicator flashes code for last zone that generated the alarm condition.
Code is shown when you press
This code is repeated until you apply the brakes.