AstroStart 3106U Remote Starter User Manual

Press the
button, doors are unlocked and alarm is disarmed, parking lights flash and siren chirps twice to confirm
command has been received and that no alarm condition was generated during your absence.
If there was a violation, confirmation is different (4 flashes or chirps) to warn you. See table of alarm codes to know which
zone generated alarm condition.
The “Unlock“ function can be programmed and connected in such a way that the first Unlock command only unlocks the
driver's door, while a following Unlock command unlocks the other door(s).
Dome light will turn on for 30 seconds every time Unlock command is sent (not applicable in semi-passive mode)(optional
connection during installation).
This 30-second duration is cancelled when Lock command or Trunk command is sent, brakes are applied or key is inserted
in ignition and turned to RUN position.
Press the button. Trunk is released and parking lights flash three times to confirm command has been received.
Trunk cannot be released if ignition key is in RUN position.
Furthermore, if alarm is armed and system is not equipped with an additional sensor capable of detecting trunk release
(optional equipment not included), opening of trunk with remote control will not be possible.
In this case, parking lights flash once to confirm that command has been received but trunk could not be released.
If you are not sure you have received confirmation, repeat command. System will repeat confirmation as often as you wish.
If your vehicle is equipped with a factory installed security system and that this system is neutralized by the trunk release
command, remember to rearm it after trunk is closed ("Lock" command).
If your system is equipped with a sensor designed to monitor status of trunk (added at time of installation), parking lights will
flash three times to confirm command was received. When trunk is released, 3 chirps are emitted to warn that alarm will not
take into account the status of this zone or the shock sensor's zone for the next 5 minutes. If you do not release trunk within
10 seconds, the system will rearm trunk automatically.
The timer is reset each time the command is repeated, which allows for a new 5-minute period to close the trunk lid.
The system will sound a chirp when trunk is closed to confirm it has been rearmed. If trunk is open for more than 5 minutes,
the system switches to alarm status.
Programmable as Active or Inactive during installation.
This function locks doors when ignition key is in RUN position, engine is running and brakes are applied. Doors are
unlocked when key is turned from ON to OFF or when Continuous Mode is activated.
If “Unlock“ function is set to unlock only driver's door on the first command, the “Automatic Unlock“ function will unlock
driver's door only. If dome light is connected to system, it is activated when an automatic unlock occurs.
This function is : Active