AstroStart 2305A Remote Starter User Manual

When the sound becomes low-piched on a audio confirmation this means that the batteries
need to be replaced.
The remote control requires two 3-volt lithium batteries (CR-2430 or equivalent).
We strongly recommend keeping a set of replacement batteries in your glove
To replace the battery, remove the screw on the back cover of the remote control,
remove old batteries and replace them with new ones.
Make sure batteries are placed in the right direction (see pictogram opposite).
The 2305A remote is equipped with a function called ‘Pager’. It has two purposes: send to all remote controls related to the
system a general call asking those who carry them to get to the vehicle or to perform a task previously established. The
other function is to locate a misplaced remote control.
Paging from the vehicle
To send a general call, the user must press the ‘Valet’ switch and hold it for 3 seconds while engine is stopped
and key is
not in the ignition
, or while engine is remote started (see ‘Valet Mode’ on page 14)(The valet switch is a small red push
button hided under the dash board).
Parking lights on the vehicle blink once to confirm the call was sent.
All remote controls (maximum: 4) located within the radio frequency range of the vehicle will begin to chirp. To silence the
remote control, press any button.
Paging from a remote
Press the
button (2 sec.) and then, within 10 seconds, the button (2 sec.).
The remote control which is being called will begin to chirp if it is located within the radio frequency range of the emitting
remote control. To silence the remote control, press any button.
Note : In order for a remote control to receive a call from another remote, it is essential
that the access code of the remote
that is being called
has been memorized by the remote making the call.
Proceed as follows to enter the access code of the ‘B’ remote control in the ‘A’ remote control’s memory.
On remote ‘A’: Press on the
button (2 sec.) then, within 10 seconds, press the and buttons simultaneously until
the remote emits a series of rapid beeps.
On remote ‘B’: Press on the
button (2 sec.) then, within 10 seconds, press momentarily on the button (2 sec.).
If sequence is correct: the ‘A’ remote will emit a tone, then the
button will blink once.
Reverse sequence order to enter access code of ‘A’ remote in ‘B’ remote’s memory.
This fonction prevents from unlocking the doors or releasing the trunk should a command be transmitted accidently while
you are away from the vehicle.
When the remote is set in "Reduced" mode, you must be close to the vehicle for the system to perform the command. This
function only affects the "Unlock" and the "Trunk" commands.
Press the
button (2 sec.) then the and buttons
simultaneously (2 sec.) to select the next of the 3 available
options, the table indicates the range according to the numbers
of blinks obtained.
2 2
1 -
1 1